Gillian Canniff

Barrister & Solicitor


#103 3107 29th Avenue Vernon BC V1T 1Z2


Phone: 250-542-2828 Fax: 888-772-2170

At Canniff Law, we represent clients throughout British Columbia in all family law matters, including divorce.


We strive to resolve disputes through mediation, 4 way meetings and negotiations wherever possible. Sometimes negotiation is not possible and we must proceed to Court. We are experienced at all levels of Court in British Columbia and commit to representing your best interests and protecting your rights.

There is no point in fighting.


Divorce and other family law matters are extremely emotional, but you don’t have to resolve these issues by fighting them out in the courtroom. We will work closely with you to find an alternative to the traditional divorce process.

We handle all family law issues including:


· Parenting arrangements
· Child & Spousal support
· Division of Property, Assets and Debt
· Prenuptial Agreements & Cohabitation Agreements
· Variation of Custody Orders & Support Orders
· Separation Agreements
· Divorce
· Adoption

More than just a lawyer



Let us help you find the best path and outcome as you navigate through a major change in your life.



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